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Bastien Dehaudt

I am originally from France, but I moved to California in 2010. I graduated from UCLA, where I received a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology, with a minor in conservation biology. I am interested in all aspects of ecology, and I have worked on projects with plants, algae, giant clams, soil, and leatherback turtles. I am always trying to expand this list, especially with studies and fieldwork that can benefit conservation. 


During my PhD, I am focusing my research on plant-animal interactions, such as seed dispersal and seed predation, in tropical forest. Specifically, I study seed dispersal pathways of duikers in Cameroon and small mammals populations in tropical forests of Southeast Asia. I plan on using GPS collars, live-trapping data, and camera traps to conduct various analyses. I hope that my findings will contribute to the protection of these unique ecosystems.


If you have any questions, or if we share a mutual interest, please feel free to contact me at:

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