Cheif Investigator

PhD from UC Berkeley (Environmental Science, Policy and Management)

BA UCLA (Economics, Geography)




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ECL postdoc

(UQ, based USA &,

Singapore in the future)

Develops new analytical methods for camera trap data. Will lead new Singapore camera trapping. 


ECL postdoc

(UQ, based in India)

             Apex predators.

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ECL postdoc

(based NTU-Singapore)

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ECL postdoc

(UQ, based São Paulo

& Singapore)

PhD students

      Zach Amir



ECL PhD student at UQ

Leads SE Asian predator ecology projects including occupancy analyses of ECL camera trapping across the region.


ECL PhD student at UQ

*co-supervised by

Prof Luke Gibson

from SUSTech China

Leads work on small mammal ecology in SE Asian forests. 

MSc students


MSc Conservation Biology 


Leads project on how local demography and religion shapes hunting in SE Asian forests.

Shane Wen Xuan Chiok 

Shane C.jpg

Researcher with ECL

BA Biology from NUS

Based at NTU-Singapore

Works with Therese on Singapore based wildlife ecology projects.