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Bora Aska

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I am a third-year student in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at UQ, majoring in Ecology and Conservation. I am fond of insects, the colour green, and big adventures. My biggest adventure is choosing science as my career path. Science has encouraged me to reflect upon the size of our lives in relation to the natural world and the bewildering multitudes of life forms that live among us. It has reviled to me a planet that is beautifully and insistently nonhuman. And I hope that my work contributes to what seems to me of the deepest importance in our present-day moment: finding ways to protect and communicate the value of nature.

At the Ecological Cascade Lab, I am researching a species-specific project on the yellow-throated marten, a small carnivore  native to Asia. There is a dearth of detailed information about this species ecology, habitat associations, and disturbance tolerance. This gap is problematic as Southeast Asia suffers high rates of deforestation and forest degradation, so understanding the landscape and local processes that drive their distribution and abundance is crucial to the conservation of the species.

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