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Francis Chicas

I am currently in the last semester of my postgraduate degree in Conservation Science, at the University of Queensland. I am originally from Melbourne, Victoria, which is where I undertook my undergrad in a Bachelor of Biological Sciences, at La Trobe University. Throughout my education history, I have grown to really appreciate the natural world and the interconnectedness within it. Due to this appreciation and love for nature, I aspire to work in conservation in hopes that I can contribute to improving the relationship between humans and wildlife.

For my current research project, I am under the supervision of Dr. Matthew Luskin. This project focuses on how socio-cultural factors, specifically ethnicity and religion, may influence hunting practices in Southeast Asia and consequently shape local wildlife communities. I love this research topic so far because it has since allowed me to investigate not only the ecological impacts of hunting but also the potential social drivers of this conservation issue. My findings will shed light on the threats to specific wildlife species in the region, and will ideally contribute to the development of locally targeted conservation efforts to limit negative impacts from hunting.

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