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Jonathan HArry Moore, MSc

I am an British PhD candidate at SUSTech primarily supervised by Dr Luke Gibson and Carlos Peres and have worked closely with Dr Luskin and the ECL for 5 years. Prior to starting my PhD, I led multiple ECL camera trapping and small mammal trapping endeavours and led a manuscript on the rise of pigs and macaques in degraded forests currently undergoing peer review. I am also a coauthor and >10 other ECL manuscripts on SE Asian wildlife. My current PhD focus is on how fragmentation and hydropower impact wildlife.

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First-authored ECL publications:

  1. Moore, Gibson, Amir, Chanthorn, Ahmad, Mendes, Jansen, Onuma, Peres & Luskin (2023). The rise of hyperabundant native generalists threatens both humans and nature. Biological Reviews 98(4):1–20. [link]​​​


Contributing author ECL publications


  1. Brodie et al w/ Moore & Luskin (in press). Landscape-scale benefits of protected areas for tropical biodiversity. Nature xx:1-15.

  2. Amir, Moore, Negret & Luskin (2022). Megafauna extinctions produce idiosyncratic Anthropocene assemblages. Science Advances 8, eabq2307-2318. [link]

  3. Decoeur, Amir, Mendes, Moore & Luskin (2023). Mid-sized felids threatened by habitat degradation in Southeast Asia. Biological Conservation 283: 110103 [link]​​

  4. Luskin, Moore, Mendes et al (2023). The mass mortality of Asia's native pigs induced by African swine fever. Wildlife Letters 1(1): 1-10. [link]

  5. Nursamsi, Amir, Decoeur, Moore & Luskin (2023). Sunda pangolins show inconsistent responses to disturbances across multiple scales. Wildlife Letters 2(1):1-10 [link]​

  6. Hendry, Amir, Decoeur, Mendes, Moore, Sovie & Luskin (2023). Marbled cats in Southeast Asia; Are diurnal and semi-arboreal felids at greater risk from human disturbances? Ecosphere 14(1): e4338. [link]

  7. Honda, Amir, Moore & Luskin (2023). Binturong ecology and conservation in pristine, fragmented and degraded tropical forests. Oryx 1, 1–11. [link]

  8. Carr, Amir, Moore, Nursamsi & Luskin (2023). The highs and lows of serow (Capricornis sumatraensis): multi-scale habitat associations inform large mammal conservation strategies in the face of synergistic threats of deforestation, hunting, and climate change. Raffles Bull. Zool. 71, 400–416. [link]​​

  9. Dehaudt, AmirDecoeur, Gibson, MendesMooreNursamsiSovie, & Luskin (2022). Common palm civets (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) are positively associated with humans and forest degradation with implications for seed dispersal and zoonotic diseases. J of Animal Ecology 91: 794-804. [link]

  10. Dunn, AmirDecoeurMendesMooreSovie & Luskin (2022). The ecology of the banded civet (Hemigalus derbyanus) in Southeast Asia with implications for mesopredator release, zoonotic diseases, and conservation. Ecology & Evolution 12, e8852-e8861.[link]

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