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Dipanjan Naha, Ph.D.

My current research focuses on role of apex predators across diverse habitats, prey communities within natural and semi-natural ecosystems.


My other interest includes studying human-large mammal interactions, movement behavior within shared landscapes and finding pathways of coexistence.

I received my Ph.D. from the Wildlife Institute of India in 2015. My doctoral research was 

​focused on the movement ecology of tigers and human-tiger interactions in the Sundarban Delta. After completing my PhD I worked as a Research Associate on human-large mammal conflicts in the Indian Himalayan region. Major focus of this work was to understand why large mammals come into conflict with humans using socio-ecological systems and mapping risk zones where negative interactions were more likely to occur. I radio-collared common leopards to understand their movement behavior and response to anthropogenic impacts within multiple-used areas . I also developed a community driven human-carnivore coexistence model using non-lethal deterrents (fox lights) to reduce predation on livestock. 

If our interests overlap and you are interested in collaborating or you have questions, please reach out!

Check my research details at

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