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PhD from UC Berkeley (Environmental Science, Policy and Management)

BA UCLA (Economics, Geography)


Principal Investigator

Students and lab members

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MSc in Wildlife Ecology from the U of Nottingham

Jon conducts camera trapping and live-trapping campaigns and processes data.

Senior Research Technician

Jon Moore

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Lab alum, senior thesis and Sumatran  tiger project cordinator

Wido Rizqi Albert


BA Ecology from U of Hawaii

Conducts camera trapping and live trapping in Thailand and Malaysian Borneo

Research Technician

Felise Guiterrez

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BA Environmental Science from UC Berkeley

Alison is currently pursuing her PhD in Ecology at UC Davis 


Lab alum, senior thesis

Alison Ke


Jaslyn is pursuing her second senior thesis! 

She has done fieldwork with the ECL in Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia. Her new work examines the impacts of macaques on other species in Singapore 

Undergraduate researcher at NTU

Jaslyn Chan

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BA from UC Berkeley.

Evelyn conducted her fieldwork on hunting practices in her home province of Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia​​.

Lab alum, senior thesis

Evelyn Dita


Shu Hui conducted her senior thesis on small mammal seed predation. Her fieldwork was conducted in Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia.

Undergraduate researcher at NTU

Shu Hui Yeo


Chelsea conducted a literature review and meta-analysis of tiger densities

Lab alum, senior thesis





Luskin's postdoc advisor and collaborator on SE Asian botanical analyses using the CTFS-ForestGEO tree plot censuses. 


Collaborator on wildlife projects in Thailand and Malaysia. 

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Luskin's postdoc co-supervisor and collaborator on projects about ecological regulation.

Professor, ASE@NTU

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Luskin's PhD advisor and collaborator on spatial analyses of tree communities. 

Associate Professor, UC Berkeley

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Collaborator on projects with anthropology aspects, such as hunting.

Assistant Professor, U of Hawaii

Lisa Kelley

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Collaborator on projects investigating the impacts of herbivores on plant communities.

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shihong Jia

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Collaborator on bearded pig projects

PhD candidate at UC Berkeley

David Kurz